Ornella Mendoza




Diego Martin

Ornella Mendoza

Ornella is 20 years old and resides in Diego Martin.

She is a graduate of Saint François Girls’ College and is currently employed as a trainee at the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Authority. Ornella also intends to further her academic goals in the field of humanities and liberal arts based on her passion and love for people and the arts.

Ornella is also an entrepreneur having started a Special Effects Makeup artist business and worked with hundreds of kids across the country!

She is passionate about helping others grow and believes that everyone has a purpose on this earth.

As the next Miss World, Ornella hopes to be a beacon of light and support to underprivileged across communities in Trinidad and Tobago. She is especially keen to mentor and introduce skills building programmes for the unemployed through her Beauty With A Purpose project. She also hopes to make a positive impact on the planet to sustain future generations.

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