Anjali Ramkissoon




Princes Town

Anjali Ramkissoon

Anjali is only 18 years old and lives in Princes Town.

She is a graduate of St Joseph’s Convent San Fernando, and is currently pursuing her tertiary education with the Association of Business Executives UK.

From a young age her biggest passion has always been dance, which she has been actively involved in for the past 14 years. She has always had a drive for becoming an independent and successful woman, and has her own Distribution & Marketing company, Lirkon Distributors.

Anjali has been actively involved in charitable projects geared towards children in need across Trinidad and Tobago, which she holds dear to her heart. She hopes to make a change for the upcoming generation of our country.

As the next Miss World, Anajli hopes to inspire young women and girls, and make a significant impact not only for themselves but make a change in the world.

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