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Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2022

Aché Abrahams

Aché Abrahams, Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, attended St Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph in Trinidad & Tobago. After graduating she then travelled to London to pursue her acting and modelling career and studied at the Identity School of Acting. She believes that she can make a difference through her art and platform. She is happy to pursue her childhood dream and hopes to inspire others to follow their passions. She is now working towards her goal of destigmatizing mental health through her passion project, the Invisible Scars project.

This is part of her journey to the Miss World stage. She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, human rights and women empowerment. She returned to Trinidad and Tobago, after years of modelling with the Wilhelmina Modelling Agency in London. She is now pursuing her journey to the Miss World crown, as she has newly been crowned Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2022.

The Miss World organization is allowing her to be an ambassador for change. She is passionate about the creative arts, as reflected in her interests in acting, music, painting and writing. She uses her platform to shed light on important conversations like mental health, women empowerment and equality. She is proud to be an ambassador for our country and is on her way to destigmatizing mental health through her Beauty with a Purpose, The Invisible Scars project.

Her goal is to create safe spaces throughout Trinidad and Tobago for children and teens to know that it is okay and safe to speak about mental health and emotional development. It is her dream to make an impact in the world where people know to stand in their truth, love themselves wholeheartedly and love and care for those around them.

Beauty With A Purpose

People carry invisible scars from emotional and psychological wounds, stemming from various sources like childhood traumas, grief, insecurities, guilt, and societal pressures. If left unaddressed, these scars significantly affect emotional and mental well-being, impacting physical health, relationships, work, and societal welfare.

My goal is to make mental health and well-being a conversation in every home, school, institution and community in Trinidad and Tobago, and eventually across the world. My project is directly combatting the stigma and shame attached to mental health and encouraging help-seeking behaviour. By destigmatising mental health and improving mental health awareness amongst the youth of our country specifically, early intervention can reduce the likelihood of long term adverse mental health effects.

This project is achieving this through many different approaches. By creating safe spaces in Trinidad & Tobago through school visits, workshops and discussions around the importance of mental health, we directly connected young people with the knowledge, tools and help they need to overcome mental health problems. The ‘Be Mindful podcast’ also created virtual safe spaces where mental health could be spoken about with many different professionals, to help educate the public about the topic.

Ache's Journey