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A rewarding new journey awaits a Queen.

The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago (MWTT) brand is taking on both a new look and feel. Under the stewardship of National Director Charu Lochan Dass and Co-Director Phaedra Adele, MWTT seeks to harness the natural beauty and talent of Trinidad and Tobago’s young women who can reflect the best that their country has to offer.

International pageantry has evolved over the years and so too has the definition of the Miss World title. At MWTT, we aspire to prepare, present, and support female ambassadors who can represent T&T with the class, poise, exuberance and diversity that is our beautiful twin-island paradise. No longer shall the focus be solely on beauty, instead it has expanded to encompass beauty with a purpose. Our young queens shall align their journey with a cause that is important to them and which they can invest their skills and talents.

The MWTT team is now more diverse, dynamic and collectively brings more experience to bear than ever before. Not only would contestants be taken along a life-changing journey, so too would their supporters, pageant enthusiasts and patriots be courted over several weeks of intense trainings, public presentations, media engagements, historical and cultural exposures and much more that would redefine what it is to be Miss World Trinidad and Tobago.

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